BCF10 Fishbone Applicators

When it comes to replacing your can carriers with Fishbone paperboard carriers, you're moving to the curbside recyclable, earth-friendly alternative for beverage packaging.  It's really the right direction for eliminating single use plastics.

With Fishbone, not only are you making the right choice for the environment, you're also choosing a high performance product.  We understand that the most sustainable thing you can do is to have product packaging that works and that doesn't lead to damage and excess waste.

Fishbone Carriers have been tested for performance under both dry and wet conditions.  But in order for them to perform optimally, they must be machine applied. 

We've developed the BCF10 applicator ideally suited for smaller craft breweries.  This is an electric tabletop model that applies the Fishbone carrier with the right amount of force and pressure to ensure the performance you need.

This machine is easy-to-operate and doesn't require special installation.  It's perfect for making the switch to Fishbone and really completes the system.  We've priced it at an affordable monthly user fee which includes replacement parts and access to service.

Fishbone is a comprehensive system that includes the can carriers along with the application equipment.  We're excited about the potential for the BCF10 to make your operation run efficiently and effectively.

Contact us to learn more.

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