Fishbone and Serpa Partnership for High Speed Equipment

Designing a paper-based can carrier that's sturdy, durable, water resistant, and reliable enough to protect the products it contains was the first major challenge in creating Fishbone. 

With the carrier design tested and approved for market-ready performance, the next challenge we faced was how to scale the application of the carriers for a beverage industry that ranges from small start-ups to major consumer products companies.

We knew the Fishbone equipment partner had to be a high-end, quality provider with a trusted reputation. This partner also needed to see sustainability as one of the most important value propositions moving forward.

For this, we turned to Serpa.

Serpa is the partner that could do this for us.  We knew they could take all the dynamic challenges of applying a paper-based carrier at high speeds and make it work.  

And this is exactly what they did. And this is why today, we're out in front with the equipment solution for a sustainable beverage carrier that is poised to transform the industry.

Thank you to Serpa for your belief in this project and your dedication in bringing the right solution to market with us.

Take a look at the BCF-40 High Speed Applicator Now.

Explore all Fishbone Equipment here.

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