Eco Friendly & Curbside Recyclable

Plastic 6-pack rings have been a known threat to the environment and have been causing harm to our wildlife for decades.

We've known we need a better alternative. And now we have one.

The Fishbone Can Carrier is a paperboard-based can carrier that replaces the 6-pack plastic rings without sacrificing performance.  Besides eliminating plastic, these carriers are actually curbside recyclable and biodegradable.

About the Paper

To make Fishbone Carriers the best option for your cans, we searched the globe to source paper of superior strength and fiber make-up that is also recyclable.

The paper we use is also sealed with a recyclable water-based barrier coating for moisture resistance and optimal durability for your product.

Testing & Performance

With the both the paper source and the coating in place, we then put the Fishbone Carriers through rigorous testing for durability and moisture resistance.  You can take a deeper dive into this process on our Test Results page, but we are proud to report that Fishbone Carriers proved to be high performance under both dry and wet conditions.

Curbside Recyclable

We're so excited to offer you a can carrier option that is fully curbside recyclable.  No more elaborate collection campaigns for your HDPE handles.  No more sleepless nights over pumping harmful plastic rings into the environment.  With Fishbone Carriers, you'll know you're doing the right thing with a product that, even if it doesn't make it to the recycling bin, will naturally biodegrade.

As you know, when you sell products into the consumer retail environment, you can't control how the consumer will discard your packaging.  With Fishbone, users are encouraged to recycle but, even if they don't, it will biodegrade within a few short months.

Shop Fishbone Carriers Now. Start Making a Difference Today.

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