The BCF10 is the semi-automatic, compact tabletop design applicator that can run up to 60 cans/minute.

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The BCF40 is our automatic, intermittent motion applicator that can run up to 240 cans/minute.

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The Complete Fishbone Program

Equipment | Application | Training | Service | Materials | Printing | JIT Inventory

Fishbone from Atlantic Packaging is a Complete Managed System. 

The Can Carrier

The Fishbone Can Carrier is a completely plastic-free alternative to 6-pack and 4-pack plastic rings.

The Equipment

Machine applicators to run 60 cans/min up to 360 cans/min or 2,000 cans/min with quick change tooling.

Our Service

Technical service to maintain and optimize your semi-automatic or fully automatic application equipment.

Stop Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is the biggest and most pervasive problem harming our ocean environment. Brands are working hard to make a difference by taking action to use less plastic.

If you’ve made a commitment to be measurably more sustainable over the next several years, we can help.

The Fishbone Beverage Carrier completely eliminates plastic from your 6-pack and 4-pack carriers.

One of the most common goals to improve sustainability is to reduce the amount of plastic used in products and packaging. (See how Single Use Plastics harm the environment.)

The Fishbone Beverage Carrier is plastic-free and biodegradable. It’s simple and uses only minimal resources while also giving you billboarding space for your brand and marketing.

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With the new Fishbone BCF-100, our high speed machine for running up to 600 cans/minute, we're more excited than ever for Fishbone.

Complete Fishbone Program from Atlantic Packaging

Fishbone carriers are curbside recyclable, and are durable enough to protect your product.  Once they're in the hands of the consumer, they are easy to recycle. And they have a successful equipment solution that scales with your growth.

Fishbone and Serpa Partnership for High Speed Equipment

Designing a paper-based can carrier that's sturdy, durable, water resistant, and reliable enough to protect the produ...

Fishbone Customer Spotlight | Brita Water

We recently caught up with our customer, Jennifer Brooks, President of B Water & Beverages, Inc., the Exclusive L...
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