How Fishbone and Brita Water Fight Single-Use Plastic | Forbes Feature

For more than 40 years Brita has empowered a more sustainable lifestyle providing consumers better options to avoid single-use plastic bottles in the home. But they also wanted to compete directly with single-use bottles, providing a reusable one of their own.

Forbes recently published an article outlining Brita Water, new reusable aluminum water bottles, and the partnerships that got them to market. There’s not one ounce of plastic in the four and six-packs of Brita Water, and the carrier system is Atlantic Packaging’s completely paper-based, customizable, Fishbone C-Clip curbside recyclable carriers.

We’re glad to see sustainability gaining momentum. More consumers are actively seeking out sustainable packaging and avoiding products with environmentally harmful packaging.

Sustainable products and packaging, especially at scale, require so much more testing and innovation. But it’s not something these companies shy away from. Brita Water bottles are 100% aluminum (including the cap) which was technically challenging to perfect. We found designing a machine at speed and scale needed for Fishbone carriers to be challenging in the past. And to bring Brita Water packaging to scale, Atlantic needed to find the right equipment to apply Fishbone carriers at high speed and volume. 

Fishbone, meet Serpa Packaging Solutions. According to the article, Serpa machinery is known for 98 percent efficiency for 24/7 operations. We were able to partner with them to design semi-automatic and fully automatic machines to apply Fishbones at a rate faster than manual application.

Innovative ideas are a team effort – one we’re proud to be a part of. We couldn’t put it better than Jennifer Brooks, president of B Water & Beverages: “We’re not just selling water; we’re selling a solution that is an alternative to single-use plastic.”

Read the full Forbes article: Will Brita’s New Reusable Aluminum Water Bottles Displace Single-Use Plastic?

Learn more about our partnership with Brita Water.

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