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Why Fishbone? Why ATLANTIC?

Atlantic is leading the way in sustainable packaging.

We advocate for using high performance materials that protect your product and protect your brand. We help customers optimize to reduce packaging materials through testing and verification at the Packaging Solution Center. And we source the most sustainable products available to ensure you have the option to make the right choice
(See: Sustainable Packaging).

Fishbone is an amazing opportunity to create a significant shift away from single use plastics and towards renewable, biodegradable materials that complement and highlight your product.

We’re so excited to bring Fishbone to the beverage market. We truly believe that, together, we can make a real difference for the future of our planet.


Performance + Sustainability

With Fishbone Sustainable Beverage Carriers, you’ll get a carrier that not only performs the way you need it to, but that also shows your customers your commitment to the environment, either with a simple, minimalist design or with fun, playful Earth and Water themed designs. You’ll stand out from the crowd and let your products shine.

Atlantic handles the manufacturing and printing of your Fishbone carriers.

What makes Fishbone stand apart from the competition is the quality and production of the paperboard.

We’ve sourced paper of superior strength and fiber make-up that is also 100% curbside recyclable. This paper is sealed with a recyclable water-based barrier coating for moisture resistance.

In addition, Fishbone carriers have been tested for durability and moisture resistance and have proven high performance under both dry and wet conditions (see Testing & Performance)

The Equipment

Smooth + Efficient Operation

We designed the Fishbone application equipment with new, innovative designs to make your operation run smoothly.

With five models to accommodate varying production levels, the Fishbone equipment offers high-speed & standard configurations to run up to 1800+ cans/min.

When you choose Fishbone, you get all the advantages of Atlantic Packaging’s technical service & maintenance support to keep you up and running, from installation to routine maintenance.

Our Service

Avoid downtime and operate efficiently with Atlantic as your service partner.

Atlantic has been in the packaging business, on both the materials and the equipment side, for over 75 years. Over the last decade, we’ve made significant investments in our technical service offering, hiring the best equipment technicians to service customers around the country. We continue to hire new technicians every year as our customer base and our footprint continues to expand.

When you choose Fishbone as your sustainable beverage carrier, you get a full program that includes the equipment just right for your operation and technicians that can install, service, and maintain your equipment.

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