We're honored to have Fishbone featured in publications across North America. From local news, to finance and business, to craft brewing industry magazines and beyond, Fishbone is being recognized as a game changer in the beverage industry. 

Companies and consumers alike are looking for ways to eliminate single use plastics and Fishbone is the perfect opportunity to do that.

This simple solution could finally get rid of plastic six-pack rings

We're thrilled to see Fishbone featured in Fast Company as a sustainable solution to "finally get rid of plastic six-pack rings." While using paperboard instead of plastic can present its own challenges, our Fishbone C-Clip design adds a second carrier layer to protect against lost tension or exposure to moisture.

Thanks to Fast Company for promoting sustainable packaging and showing their readers how they can make the right choices!

Forget Those Plastic Rings; A Durable Paper Option Is Finally Available

Dieline is a bespoke creative platform that exists to serve the packaging community. They recently covered Fishbone to discuss the curbside recyclability and our c-clip design. "This eco-friendly choice not only aligns with consumer preferences to make sustainable choices but also addresses the pressing need to focus on the durability of sustainable design."

Co-packer Deploys Packaging Innovations for Brita Premium Purified Water

Packaging World, a monthly packaging innovation publication, featured Fishbone in its article highlighting B Water & Beverages’ work with Brita to produce a recyclable, plastic-free bottled water product that uses Fishbone as its can carrier.

Fishbone Paperboard Beverage Carriers Are Back, Better Than Ever, and Could Be a Game Changer

"With a sustainability profile comparable to E6PR’s Eco Rings, a cost structure competitive with PakTechs, and printed branding opportunities superior to both, it’s hard to argue that Fishbone’s new can carrier system isn’t best in show. "

This Fishbone recyclable can carrier system by Atlantic Packaging is perfect for craft beer

"Here comes another eco-focused idea aimed at your canned beer brands. Atlantic Packaging just announced the launch of a recyclable can carrier system, awesomely called the Fishbone, to replace plastic ring handles." Read full article.

Atlantic Packaging Announces Fishbone Recyclable Can Carrier System

"Atlantic Packaging announces the launch of a recyclable can carrier system, Fishbone, to replace plastic ring handles. The Fishbone beverage carrier is a curbside recyclable, biodegradable, and performance tested product that will eliminate single use plastic from beverage packaging." Read full article.

Wilmington-based Firm Collaborates To Bring New Can Carrier To Market

"Wilmington-based firm Atlantic Packaging has launched a recyclable can carrier system to replace plastic ring handles, according to an announcement Monday." Read full article.

Atlantic Packaging Announces Fishbone Recyclable Can Carrier System

"Atlantic Packaging and partner Fishbone Packaging announced the launch of Fishbone, a paper-based can carrier system that replaces plastic ring handles and uses less material than full overwrap paperboard cartons." Read full article.

Fishbone Recyclable Can Carrier System Announced by Atlantic Packaging

"Atlantic Packaging reports the dispatch of a recyclable can transporter framework, Fishbone, to supplant plastic ring handles. The Fishbone drink transporter is a curbside recyclable, biodegradable, and execution tried item that will take out single utilize plastic from refreshment bundling." Read full article.


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