Compare to HDPE Handles

We're all familiar with seeing 6-packs bundled in plastic rings.  But we've learned a lot over the years and we now know that PE plastic rings are a dangerous problem for our environment, causing harm to wildlife and marine life in particular. 
Many of us dutifully cut up the plastic rings, but this doesn't prevent them from breaking up into microplastics and being ingested (See: The Dangers of Single Use Plastics).
To help solve this problem, many local and regional craft brewers turned to HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic handles. These are made from recycled HDPE materials and claim to be recyclable.  However, upon adopting this packaging, many brewers have come to find that these are difficult or even impossible to recycle.
The team at Mass Brew Bros. researched this topic and found that some recycling processors in their state may take the plastic handles but only in large quantities that most brewers are not able to meet.  They quoted one brewer who was trying to collect and recycle these as saying: "We have the same problem with our Paktech recycling program that everyone does – nowhere to actually recycle them.” (Read the full article here: How Some Massachusetts Breweries Are Decreasing Plastic Packaging Waste)
Fishbone recyclable can carriers are the real answer to this problem.  They are completely plastic-free and made from sustainable paperboard with a water-based barrier coating for moisture resistance.
This is the first ever 100% curbside recyclable paperboard beverage carrier available in the marketplace. 
Breweries and other beverage producers will have no need to try and collect these carriers.  The consumer can easily recycle them with all their curbside recycling.  And Fishbone Carriers are biodegradable, so even if the consumer doesn't recycle them, they will cause no harm to the environment.
We are proud to offer the truly earth-friendly alternative to plastic rings and HDPE plastic handles.  
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