Fishbone Customer Spotlight | Brita Water

We recently caught up with our customer, Jennifer Brooks, President of B Water & Beverages, Inc., the Exclusive Licensee of Brita Water.  Brita is on a mission to supply their cleaner, better-tasting water for on-the-go use in sustainable packaging. 

So Jennifer set out to identify packaging that completely eliminated single use plastic, from the bottle to the multi-pack carrier.

Brita Water is excited to offer their premium purified still bottled water in infinitely recyclable, refillable, BPA free aluminum bottles multi-packed in Fishbone C-Clip 100% curbside recyclable carriers. 

Jennifer chose Fishbone carriers for their beautiful simplicity and their ability to easily solve the challenge she was facing to eliminate single use plastics.

She also chose them for their marketability and the custom branding we can create to match their water bottle look and feel.  Fishbone carriers are strong and durable enough to support the Brita Water bottles, allowing them to make the change they were so determined to make in the marketplace.


Brita is committed to changing our mindset away from buying on-the-go water  in single use plastic bottles.  Their refillable aluminum bottles are easily recyclable once we're done using them plus every bottle gives back 1% for the planet to eliminate plastic bottles from the ocean and provide clean drinking water to communities in need.

Thank you to Jennifer Brooks and Brita Water for sharing your thoughts with us and for trusting Fishbone with your amazing product.

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