Complete Fishbone Program from Atlantic Packaging

Polyethylene rings for 6-packs have been around for decades. And they've been a problem for as long as they've been around. They are a single use plastic product, existing only as long as needed to get to the consumer. Once discarded, they are unable to break down and last for years in landfills or as trash leaked into the environment. This causes plastic pollution and threatens the health of wildlife and marine life.


At Atlantic, we set out on a mission to replace polyethylene rings in beverage packaging. Our solution is Fishbone, the first ever paperboard beverage carrier.


Fishbone carriers are curbside recyclable and are durable enough to protect your product. Once they're in the hands of the consumer, they are easy to recycle.

Fishbone carriers have advantages over other alternatives to polyethylene rings. They are curbside recyclable and offer space to show off your brand with custom printing. They encourage brand loyalty by showing that you care about your environmental impact. They also have a successful equipment solution that scales with your growth.

Make the right choice. Choose Fishbone.

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